Brenntag, the global market leader in chemical and ingredients distribution, and RubberJet Valley, the
innovative Italian rubber recycling Group, share the mission to create a more sustainable world, offering
more sustainable products. The two parties therefore entered into a distribution agreement for the
technical development and commercialization of rubber granules and powder produced from large End of
Life Tires (ELT).
“This agreement is strategic for our rubber business in EMEA”, says Jose Manuel Calavia Cruz, Business
Director Rubber EMEA, “as we increase the offers in our comprehensive product and service portfolio as
well as individual and sustainable solutions to move further into a circular economy. With this cooperation,
we are happy to offer our customers a new, sustainable solution coming from circular economy for new
market demands in the rubber industry”.
RubberJet Valley is specialized in using a proprietary, environmentally friendly technology, a high-pressure
water-jet process, to produce high-quality polymer granules and powder out of large End of Life tires (ELT)
from trucks and Off The Road (OTR) tires from tractors and mining vehicles. Those large and giant tires are
broken down into individual parts by an environmentally friendly process using high-pressure water-jets,
which in addition gives the recycled materials an especially large and active surface structure that lets the
recycled polymers be vulcanized again. This makes it possible to obtain sustainable and high-quality powder
based on carbon black and high content of natural rubber, which can replace natural or synthetic rubber in
new compounds.
“With our innovative technology, we’re opening a totally new opportunity for the rubber industry, allowing
the companies that belong to this field to use recycled but still very high-quality polymers to replace natural
or synthetic rubber within the new tire compounds and more generally in all rubber applications using
synthetic or natural rubber. Clients, who would like to achieve environmental benefits as well as savings
from using 100% green material, will profit from the cooperation with Brenntag. We look forward to
reaching out to more clients around the world who are interested in becoming our green partners,” says
Tommaso Verri, CEO of RubberJet Valley.
“With the overall continuous growth in demand for rubber, the expansion of natural rubber processing
sector is becoming a serious environmental issue. Medium and large tires are currently made mostly of
natural rubber deriving from rubber trees. This precious raw material has been included in the list of
‘Critical Raw Materials’ by the European Union. Today, the EU is 100% dependent of natural rubber coming

mainly from Asia. For a more sustainable and circular process, changing this is key. By boosting the
commercialization of products made of recycled rubber, Brenntag and RubberJet are helping to reduce the
deforestation rate allowing the rubber companies to have a real alternative and sustainable product to the
original virgin materials”, says Andreas Kicherer, Vice President Sustainability Brenntag.

About RubberJet Valley:
RubberJet Valley is an innovative Group excelling in the field of Circular Economy for recycling Natural
Rubber-made products. RubberJet Group has been established as representative group of innovative
entities operating in selected and highly promising sectors focused on high-value circular economy in the
rubber sector from End-of-Life Tires. The main strategy is basis on Environmental, Social and Governance
(ESG) parameters and built on partnerships and agreements made with local and international stakeholder
and multinational companies interested into making a real positive impact in the sustainability issues of
Natural Rubber made product. RubberJet Valley has installed in Verona (Italy) the first industrial production
plant able to recycle truck and large OTR End-of-Life Tires and RubberJet Group is installing additional
production units around the world through the proprietary technology named High Pressure Water Jet™
which in 100% environmentally friendly manner – using only high pressure water jet – able to recycle a
medium and heavy tires that way turning them back into their original raw materials which can be
integrated in the new production processes or in many rubber application. For more information, visit

About Brenntag:
Brenntag is the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution. The company holds a central
role in connecting customers and suppliers of the chemical industry. Headquartered in Essen, Germany,
Brenntag has more than 17,500 employees worldwide and operates a network of about 600 sites in 72
countries. In 2022, Brenntag generated sales of around 19.4 billion EUR. The two global divisions, Brenntag
Essentials and Brenntag Specialties, provide a full-line portfolio of industrial and specialty chemicals and
ingredients as well as tailor-made application, marketing and supply chain solutions, technical and
formulation support, comprehensive regulatory know-how, and digital solutions for a wide range of
industries. In the field of sustainability, Brenntag pursues specific goals and is committed to sustainable
solutions in its own sector and the industries served. Brenntag shares have been listed at the Frankfurt
Stock Exchange since 2010, in the DAX since September 2021. In addition, the Brenntag SE shares are listed
in the DAX 50 ESG and DAX ESG Target. For more information, visit