The RubberJet Valley team studied in depth the characteristics and the potential of the Powder and Granules produced through the High Pressure Water JetTM Technology. A laboratory located in Bresso (province of Milan) has been established where conducting a series of rigorous tests allowed the company to optimize the parameters of the technology and to meet the highest quality standards.


The RubberJet group has a highly experienced team composed of technicians and engineers who are able to assist our joint venture partners and help them maximise the potential of our technology.

Vertech is the technical partner of the RubberJet Group and is able to provide cutting-edge engineering solutions and systems to our partners. It has more than 35 years of experience working with multinational level clients in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry across the globe (in Europe, the United States, South America and Asia).

The equipment is built according to the highest quality and design standards.


The Department of Industrial and Information Engineering of the Polytechnic of Milan carried out a sworn report dated 22-01-2018 which certified and certified the technological innovation of the High Pressure Water Jet™ (H.P.W.J™) process for the treatment of ELTs.

The project is carried out with the contribution of resources from the European Union, the Italian state and the Lombardy region.


The Cerisie Institute has conducted a series of laboratory analysis following all the rubber characterization activities of our RubberJet powder and granules (both on physical and chemical level) allowing us to clearly define the properties of them and confirming their potential within the compounds requiring a high level of performance.

The Cerisie Institute is the national excellence and among the most recognized bodies at European level for the analysis and certification of elastomeric systems.