We are  very pleased to let you know that RubberJet Valley has won the prestigious “Tire Technology International Awards 2020” for the “Environmental Achievement of the Year 2020” category!

“Tire Technology International Expo” is the most important and recognized trade fair in the world with regard tire technology. Each year a panel of 30 experts in the sector awards 5 companies worldwide in several categories.

For the year 2020 the companies awarded have been the following:

  • Michelin (Tyre Manufacturer of the Year)
  • RubberJet Valley (“Environmental Achievement of the Year”)
  • VMI Group (Tire Manufacturing Innovation of the Year)
  • Eastman Corp. (Tire Industry Supplier of the Year Award).

“The ‘Tire Technology International Awards’ is one of the highest accolades that a company can obtain in the name of innovation and excellence relating to tire Technology. Furthermore, in our case, receiving it within the “Environmental Achievement of the Year” category means that  our drive and ambition to improve the sustainability of tire manufacturers has been well understood by tyre Industry experts. We are very proud of it and this award goes to all our team and our special clients that have believed in our project and final products from the beginning. Thank you again to the judges for this amazing recognition!” – Tommaso Verri Eng. – Quote by the Managing Director of RubberJet Valley

Please, find below an article on “tire business” magazine about the ‘Tyre Technology Awards Event’ with more information on it!  https://www.tirebusiness.com/manufacturers/michelin-wins-tire-manufacturer-year-award-second-straight-year

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